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Handling Your Electronics the Right Way

Dispose of your electronics safely and responsibly.
Our mission at Refurb Technologies is to provide a safe, secure, environmentally responsible solution to the dilemma of proper disposal of old computer systems, components and electronic waste (e-waste). Refurb Technologies offers a convenient, secure, and affordable way to get rid of obsolete electronics that may be taking up space in your closet, garage, office, or warehouse.

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We Sort & Settle Your Used Office Electronics Inventory For You

We understand that it’s hard to peel away from your daily routine and collect information on equipment sitting in the office IT room or storage closet. We will gladly set up logistics to help reduce the amount of work hours required by your team during this process.

Once it arrives we will inventory your hardware for you, evaluate it, price it, and then send you a check.


IT Asset Recovery

Get the highest return on the value of your IT Equipment located anywhere in the world with our streamlined solution for IT Asset Disposition. Generate revenue when retiring you end-of-life IT Asset, including Computers, Servers, Laptops, Cell Phones, Telecom Equipment, and Networking Equipment. We will provide detailed reporting, packaging, removal, logistics, data destruction, testing, refurbishment, and resale. we can return the maximum value for all of your retiring IT assets anywhere in the world.

We operate our facilities at the highest possible level. We hold ourselves to the highest standards for data security, recycling, refurbishment, and safety because we want to protect you and your name. Trust Refurb Technologies with your end-of-life IT Assets because we are committed to doing what we do best so you can do what you do best. Invest in your security & compliance with our full-scale IT Asset Disposition, Electronics Recycling, E-Waste Disposal, Hard Drive Destruction, Data Wiping, Reverse Logistics, and Secure Equipment Destruction solutions.

E-Waste Recycling & Processing

Environmentally friendly E-waste recycling, dismantling and shredding services with the convenient and security that always comes with our name. We support international, national and local businesses, along with local governments and other collectors and recyclers of electronics. Stay compliant with all city, state and federal requirements by trusting the most trusted brand in recycling. Computer recycling, laptop recycling, cell phone recycling, server recycling, monitor recycling and the recycling of any old and unwanted electronic equipment is secure and convenient with Refurb Technologies. In addition to traditional IT Equipment, we recycle network equipment, telecom equipment, televisions, mobile phones, tablets and just about anything that plugs in or takes a battery.

Your data will always be protected with our tracking and destruction system. We specialize in Hard Drive Wiping, Hard Drive Crushing, Hard Drive Degaussing and On-Site Hard Drive Shredding in order to always protect your data. In addition to hard drives, we have the capabilities to destroy Tape Backup Drives, SSD drives, and any other data containing device.

Don’t have the time to deal with removing your old systems? We will bring in a licensed and insured team to handle everything for your business from removing equipment on-site, setting up all of the logistics, to processing your equipment for further recycling purposes or sales evaluations.